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Dental Implants

Trusted Dental Implant Procedures in Streetsville

Ananthan & Associates Dental Studio has been recreating smiles through our unique dental implants and trusted dental care. Whether you’re missing a tooth or a set of teeth, our implants will provide you with a full set of teeth – giving you with the confidence to smile again!

Our Streetsville dentistry practice has been providing dental implants procedures for numerous year. Our dental implants are durable, aesthetically pleasing and they feel just like your existing teeth.

The dental implant is a replacement for your root and is integrated into the jawbone. Eventually, the bone will grow and embody the implant – creating a firm hold. Once this has been completed, an artificial tooth is attached to the dental implant. In some cases, a crown will also be used here.

We ensure that our patients are aware of the pain and discomfort that may arise once the implant has been put in. Our dentists will be able to explain the exact process of placing an implant and the appointments that follow up after the procedure.

With cosmetic dental care such as dental implants, our patients benefit from a number of advantages including:

  • Permanent replacement for your teeth
  • Regain good chewing and digestion
  • Maintain and stimulate bone health
  • Prevention of bone loss

The artificial teeth used in the procedure are supported by their own dental implant roots, which helps prevent any bone health complications. The addition of an implant will also provide you with confidence to smile and speak clearly, avoiding any discomfort and giving you self-assurance.

If you wish to learn more about our dental implants, please call our receptionist today at 905-858-9554.