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Dental Bridges

Trusted, Experienced Dental Bridge Procedures in Streetsville

dental bridges

If you ha lost one or more teeth due to an injury or oral health complication – you still have an opportunity to bring back your smile. With dental bridges, our patients have been able to smile again, boosting their self-confidence and appearance.

Our dental bridge procedures are meant to help prevent further dental complications while offering patients with a brighter smile. With the loss of one or more teeth, the other teeth may begin to shift to the open space – causing overbites, under-bites or pain and discomfort in the gums.

With dental bridges, we can quickly provide you with a set of teeth that will prevent these common complications.

Friendly, Accommodating, Relaxed Bridgework Procedures

Ananthan & Associates Dental Studio has been providing restorative and cosmetic dental care for patients since its opening. With friendly, attentive and trusted dental staff – we’re confident we can provide our patients with the utmost dental care they need.

Your dental bridge appointment will begin with a consultation with our dentist, who will take impressions of your teeth. The impression will form a mold of your entire mouth – which will aid in the making of your dental bridge.

We have several types of dental bridges available, including traditional, cantilever, Maryland bonded and removable. Traditional dental bridges are commonly made from porcelain or ceramic.

With proper dental care and routine checkups, a dental bridge can last you forever. Similar to your existing teeth, your bridge can be affected by injury or decay – so it is always important to stay on top of your oral care.

Those who engage in sports and other activities should wear mouth guards to help prevent injury to their teeth. For more information on getting dental bridges, please call Ananthan & Associates Dental Studio today at 905-858-9554.